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Nature of Science

Name _________________________________
Any factor in an experiment that can have more than one value
Occurs when a scientist's expectations or opinions change how the results of an experiment are viewed
Observations of measureable characteristics using tools like a ruler, scale, thermometer, or graduated cylinder
Can be used to represent an idea, object, or event that is too big, too small, too complex, or too dangerous to observe or test directly
Statement about what happens in nature that seems to be true all the time, does not explain why or how something happens
Explanation of observations or events that is based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations
Logical explanation of an observation that is drawn from prior knowledge or experience
Variable that is measured or observed during an experiment; outcome variable
Variable that is manipulated or changed by the scientist in an experiment; test variable
When multiple sets of measurement are made within a scientific investigation; multiple trials
The factors in an experiment that remain the same for all groups
Observations describing color, texture, appearance, odor, and other physical characteristics
A set of organized steps to follow when carrying out an experiment
Organized set of investigation procedures that can include stating a problem, forming a hypothesis, researching and gathering information, testing a hypothesis, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions
The final summary of data and results; should state whether hypothesis was proven or not
Something a scientist, notices, measures, or detects
The organization and study of data gathered in an experiment
The group in an experiment that does not receive the independent variable
When a scientific investigation is reproduced from start to finish by another person
Educated prediction or possible explanation for an observation; usually written as an "if ___, then ___" statement
Organized procedure of testing a hypothesis; test the effect of one thing on another under controlled conditions
Visual display of information or data that can provide a quick way to communicate a lot of information and allow scientists to observe patterns