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Physical Science Semester 1 Final

SI unit of electric current
Inclined plane in a spiral
These can be north or south
Transfer of heat by direct contact
Stored energy
Unit of electrical resistance
Possible explanation
Change in velocity in a given amount of time
Push or pull on an object
There are 3 classes of these
This can heat surrounding air up to 25,000 degrees C
Friction that occurs between a wheel and the surface it goes over
Caused by micro welds
SI unit of length
Amount of matter an object has
He had 3 laws of motion
Results from mass multiplied by velocity
Results from a force moving an object through a distance
Used to change voltage
These were discovered in Magnesia
Transfer of heat through a fluid
A sunburn is caused by this
Speed and direction
Energy in motion
SI unit for energy
He discovered the relationship between magnets and electricity