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Life Science Midterm

Sex cells
An allele that will always appear in the phenotype of an organism.
The phase of cell division where the nuclear membrane disappears and chromatin condenses.
The 'brain' of the cell
A threadlike, gene-carrying structure found in the nucleus. Each chromosome consists of one very long DNA molecule and associated proteins.
The division of the cytoplasm.
An organelle found in both plant and animal cells involved in cellular respiration.
Simple single celled organisms; bacteria
An organelle only found in plant cells responsible for converting light energy into food.
An allele that will not appear in an organisms phenotype in the presence of a dominant allele.
Complex organisms containing a membrane bound nucleus
The phase of cell division where chromosomes align along the middle of the cell.
The resting phase of a cell.
The phase of cell division where chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell.
Organelle found in plant cells and some prokaryotes that provides structure and protection
The physical makeup of an organism.
Cell division resulting in genetically identical cells
The genetic makeup of an organism.
All living things are made of cells; all cells come from pre-existing cells; cells are the basic unit of structure in living things.
The genotype of an organism with two different alleles.
Cell division resulting in four genetically unique gametes
The basic unit of heredity
The genotype of an organism with two identical alleles.
Version of a gene
The phase of cell division where the nuclear membrane reforms.
A tiny cell structure that carries out a specific function within the cell