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Psychological Disorders P2

This personality disorder is characterized by distrust of others and the belief that all people have evil intentions
This is a physical adaptation to a drug so that people need an increased amount to reach the original effect
This psychologist explains depression is caused by learned helplessness
This is the highest functioning form of autism
Also called Pervasive Development Disorders, which affect development of socialization and communication skills
This personality disorder is characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance
This is a disorder in which an individual alternates between feelings of mania and depression
This is the state of physical and psychological upset, during which the body and the mind revolt against, and finally get used to the absence of the drug
Psychological ____________ describes the use of something to such an extent that a person feels nervous and anxious without it
This personality disorder is characterized by instability in relationships and impulsivity
A term , meaning euphoria, that is also used to describe one aspect of bipolar disorder
This is the acronym that is used to help identify manic episodes in people who suffer from bipolar disorder
Major ____________ Disorder is a severe form of lowered mood in which a person experiences feelings of worthlessness
_____________ Disorders are a group of disorders where the victim is unable to adapt to stressors or has inflexible ways of dealing with others and their environment
This personality disorder is characterized by excessive emotional reactions for attention
This personality disorder is characterized by a complete disregard for others
Reported as America's most serious drug problem
This disorder is characterized by the elevation or lowering of a person's mood
____________ Affective Disorder describes the development of a deep depression in the midst of winter
This psychologists explains depression is caused by people blaming themselves for normal problems