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Life Science 1st Semester Final

Logical conclusion
Humans have 23 pairs of these
Educated guess or possible explanation
In this mitosis phase the nuclear membrane dissolves
Organism with one cell
An idea taken for granted or assumed to be true
These molecules have only carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen
First person to use the term "cell"
In this phase cells are performing their normal functions
All animals belong to the same ____
Movement of water through a membrane
Enzyme-filled organelles that destroy old cell parts
Information gained by observing
All mammals belong to the same _____
Group of similar cells working together
Result of Adam's sin
These are where proteins are made
A cell's blueprints or instructions
A ____ is made of a sugar, phosphate, and base
Mitosis phase when chromosomes are lined up in the middle of the cell
"powerhouse" of the cell
Molecule that is vital for cells to obtain energy
There are about 20 common ___ acids
These chemicals act to help chemical reactions
The ___ mandate is the responsibility to govern God's creation
Plants Mendel studied
Frogs are in class _____
"Father" of genetics
Scientific names are usually in _____