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Science x-word puzzle

Jordan Ashenden
Independent and dependent ____
The type of speed over a given amount of time
Frame of ______
The biggest star in our universe
When you rub your socks on a carpet it creates _______
What objects falling through the air experience
A unit of measure, and a famous person
a tide just after a new or full moon
The top and bottom half of the earth
The oceans water that rises, and retreats is called _____
This is what lightning McQueen is
When the earth spins on its axis
The type of force that makes an object stay still
When the earth goes around the sun
A predicted explanation in a science experiment.
When the moon is directly between the sun and the earth
The thing that makes objects move
Summer, spring, winter, and fall
The type of tide after 1st and 3rd quarter moons
Its not weight, but it is _____