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FALL 2019 ART-1 Final REVIEW

Arrangement of items on the picture plane
Investigates all lines of the subject
Lightness and darkness of an object created through a variety of techniques
Known for woodcuts of tessellations and weird perspectives
Has one vanishing point
________ is the comparative relationship among parts relative to size and placement
Not actually drawn but eye sees anyway
Ingredients of piece of artwork which consists of line, shape, value, texture, space and color
Quick loose drawing
On an adult, the eyes fall on the ________ center line
Liquid glass
Repeated motif
Are based on the geometric theorem of similar triangles
Is a drawing in which the viewer looks at the subject 100% of the time and is a continuous line
Oven that bakes or fires the clay
Where earth and sky meet, also eye level
__________ in proportion are what make each person unique
A composition that can be folded along an axis and both sides will be a mirror image
Area where viewer's eye goes, center of interest
Clay after it is fired the first time
On an adult, the nose falls on the ________ center line
Line weight
Single unit of design
When proportioning the human face, the eyes are usually about _____ eye-width apart