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Key Terms: Culture Edition

Home to celebration known as "Carnival"
Reference a particular source
Specific information in support of reasons
The author's reason for writing
To make an educated guess
One who helps another in need
The culture of Europe and North America
Conversation among characters
Spiritual leader in Native American culture
Santa's helpers
In this culture they have the Arabic language in common
A list of the works or sources cited
To support with reasons
To put something in your own words
Gold digging NFL team
Break something down into its parts
Means not religious or spiritual
Transportation referenced in Jingle Bells
The culture of Mexico, Central America, and South America
This continent is made up of 54 countries
Thunder god of Norse mythology
Used to introduce items in a series
Category of writing
To make a judgement about something
The angle or perspective from which a story is told
Religion and rice are important influences on this culture
Where Santa lives
When you write about your own life
The reliability or trustworthiness of a given source
To convince someone of something
Used to join two main clauses
Age at which quinceanera takes place
Characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people
Leaving to Las Vegas
Snowman that came to life
The red nosed reindeer
Something that stands for or represents something else
Home to the running of the bulls