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Cell Organelle Crossword

Elise Vermeeren
This organelle helps with cell division in animal cells
The largest structure in the nucleus
A structure that helps the cell maintain its shape
An organelle that digests food particles
Process and package proteins
Surrounds the cytoplasm of the cell
The "powerhouse" of the cell
Organelles that hook together to make proteins
Helps in photosynthesis by absorbing light energy
Made up of membranes and has ribosomes attached to it
Small enclosed sacs that transports substances from one cell to another
Responsible for flowers and fruits distinctive colors
Narrow, hollow tubes that help support the cell
This organelle is enclosed in the nuclear membrane
Work to convert light energy of the Sun into sugars
A big vesicle that stores liquids
Helps in storage of starch and oil
Fine strands of DNA
This organelle makes cellular products like hormones and lipids
A tough exterior wall surrounding cells of plants, and fungi