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Year 12 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Keywords

Uncontrolled cell division
When chromosomes are lined up at the cell equator
Cell division that produces two genetically identical daughter cells
Region where microtubules attach onto the chromosomes
Cell division that produces haploid gametes
Drugs used to treat cancer
Having a single set of unpaired chromosomes
Cell division in prokaryotic cells
Mitosis phase where the genetic material is seen as chromatin and the nuclear envelope reforms
Phase in which sister chromatids are pulled apart and moved to their respective poles
Type of tumour that grows rapidly, is less compact, and is more likely to be life-threatening
Regular cycle of division separated by periods of cell growth
Type of tumour that grows more slowly, is more compact, and is less likely to be life-threatening
Abnormal growth of tissue
Type of protein around which DNA is bound in eukaryotic cells
Microtubules that originate from centrioles; when they contract, they pull apart sister chromatids
Containing two complete sets of chromosomes, one from each parent
Division of cytoplasm
The material that makes up chromosomes; consists of DNA and histone proteins
When DNA replication occurs in the cell cycle
Mitosis phase in which chromosomes condense and first become visible