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The English Grammar

English Teacher: Maahwar
an independent uninterrupted sound.
A morpheme that modifies the meaning of the stem of a word
an affix placed at the end of a word to modify the basic meaning or change the part of speech.
The smallest unit of language that carries meaning
the field within linguistics that studies the internal structure of words.
refers to the aspects of meaning that are expressed in a language, code, or other form of representation.
The hard sounding letters of the alphabet in which are all the other letters outside of the vowels.
an affix placed at the beginning of a word to modify the basic meaning.
is the study of rules governing the use of language. The set of rules governing a particular language
the chief element of a word. Its meaning can be changed by adding a prefix or a suffix.
deals with the sounds themselves rather than the contexts in which they are used in languages.
the study of the rules that govern the way sentences are formed.
The soft sounding letters of the alphabet in which are a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y.