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Evolution of Law Enforcement 2

10 families
A false name
Killing your own father
Finding someone guilty of a criminal crime
General term for the several agencies involved in law enforcement
A person convicted a certain amount of times, unsuited for rehabilitation
The method for the apprehension,prosecution, and determination of punishment for people who have committed crimes
"At first view"
Killing your own mother
Killing your own infant
An act committed or omitted in violation with the laws for which a punishment is provided
A house used for prostitution
A habitual criminal
A written law established by the legislative department of a government
A place of confinement maintained by local authorities, place for people convicted with misdemeanors
63 articles
Bodyguard for magistrates
Forerunner for the county sheriff
Signed the Magna Carta
A method of identifying criminals by body measurements and description
10 tithings
A women that engages in sexual favors for money
The science of laws
Before death
Laws regulating activities on the sabbath
A crime punishable by death
Killing your own brother