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December 22, 2019
His birth brought mixed feelings
God's might cannot be separated from this
Moses mother experienced this at his birth
Christmas brings fulfillment of this
Juda refers to this city
Mary's song is referred to as this
Elapsed months between Gabriel's visit to Zacharias and the visit to Mary
Elisabeth and Zacharias were from these families
Elisabeth greeted Mary as the mother of whom
These differences are real
Mary responds to Elisabeth's greeting with this
Mary's song derives it's poetic qualities from this
Mary uses soul and spirit to refer to the depth of her this
Elisabeth did this
The Greek word behind imagination refers to this about a person
Zacharias wife
Birth of a child brings this
The contrast of pride
Mary pledged this
Those who exult in themselves are in a state of this
This word of Greek origin could be translated "good words"
Months that Mary was with Elisabeth
God's mercy and might are joined in this fashion
Mary's song closely resembles this prayer of praise
His role was to prepare Israel for the coming of the Messiah
A female slave
The Holy Spirit paced Mary at the threshold of this
Elisabeth was filled with this
God's care for these is central to our understanding of His work in the world
Mary's Song does this today with Christians
He announced Elisabeth's pending pregnancy
This term highlights God's ability to rescue
The city where Elisabeth lived
Zacharias became this because of doubt
John leaped in his mother's womb because of this