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Weather and Climate

this is what happens when you leave ice on your table
this measures the amount of ( ) that hurts your ear
( ) makes my hair frizzy
When snow falls, it is called ( ).
when water goes up in the sky and makes a cloud what do you call that
how much rain did we get? You use this to measure this.
tells you what direction the wind is moving.
Temp and precipitation over a long period of time
amount of water vapor in the atmosphere
you use this when you’re sick. You check your temp.
I need to check the ( ) outside to see what to wear.
solid to a gas
It shows on the grass when I wake up in winter
I love this drink mountain ( )
this is the point when I fall in love with mountain ( )
when there is frost on the ground this happens
you take a shower and this happens
in winter i need to turn up the ( )
this is so strong that I can blow away
tells you what speed the wind is moving at.
when you put water in the fridge
‘The ( ) outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful.’