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Driver Education

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Anyssa Rodriguez
Distance your vehicle travels while you make a stop.
Turning the steering wheel too much.
Parking the vehicle diagonally to the curb.
Intersection that has no signs or signals to regulate traffic.
A part of the outside or inside of the vehicle, as viewed from the driver's seat, that relates to some part of the roadway.
Outer grooved surface of a tire that grips the road.
Distance between vehicles
Maneuver for turning your vehicle around to go in the opposite direction.
Intersection which traffic signals or signs determine the right of way.
Parking the vehicle at a right angle to t he curb.
Force that keeps each tire from sliding on the road.
Point around which an object's weight is evenly distributed.
Not turning the steering wheel enough.
Light that has been green for a long time
Privilege of having immediate use of a certain part of a roadway.
Space where you can drive without a restriction to your line of sight or intended path of travel.
A complete stop as required at a STOP sign or red light.