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Hannah's New Year Puzzle 2020

They buzz around a hive
Back on Board
Tiny hole in the skin that releases sweat
Business which offers massages and pedicures
Where astronauts go
First name of Rhode Island's governor
Pupil's place
French city with the Eiffel Tower
Prepare for the future
Utensil for frying
It divides a tennis court
Ivy League school in Rhode Island
Senator from Rhode Island
Mommy's and Daddy's new bike
Vegetable in a pod
City with Buckingham Palace
Under the covers
What you cast on Election Day
Words said at a wedding
What (8 x 3) - (6 x 4) equals
___ Apron
Does the backstroke
Fuel for a car
Spanish Mister
An ice place to live
Hannah will co-host it next month
What you break at a party
Tree producing pancake syrup
___ Square
Sing from the mountaintops
Dull and unexciting
Not far away