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Happy New Year

People in New York celebrate the New Year in _____ Square.
The symbol for the old year ending is ______ Time.
The symbol for the new year beginning is a ____ in a Diaper.
January 1st is the first day of the new ________ year.
Many people say their New Years __________ is to loose weight.
Many people ____ at midnight for good luck.
People blow _____ makers at midnight.
Tiny pieces of paper thrown in the air.
There is usually a ______ on New Years day where you can see Floats and Marching Bands.
The new year begins at what time?
_________ can be seen exploding in the air.
Measuring the time left until the New Year is here.
These are tied to streamers.
At midnight the ball _____
This makes balloons float.
December 31 is also known as New Years ___.