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Cell Structure and Function

Network of threadlike proteins that are joined together and provide a framework for the cell
Macromolecules made of long chains of amino acids
Sugar molecules
Diffusion of water across a membrane
Type of transport that moves substances without using energy
Type of transport that requires energy
Large molecules formed by the joining of many small molecules
Organelle that processes energy; the powerhouse of the cell
Macromolecules made of fatty acids; they do not dissolve in water
Organelles that use light energy to make food
Type of diffusion that requires transport proteins
Abbreviation for the organelle that makes proteins
Series of chemical reactions that convert light energy, water, and carbon dioxide into food
Structures in a cell that have specialized functions
First step in cellular respiration
Organelle that packages proteins into vesicles
Part of the eukaryotic cell that directs cell activities and holds genetic information
All material within the cell membrane except the nucleus
Macromolecules made of nucleotides
Barrier that protects the cell from the environment
Abbreviation for the organelle that makes lipids
Movement of substances from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Fluid inside a cell in which the organelles are suspended