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AOC and Constitution

The state that ratified the constitution
A benefit of the article of confederation
How many votes did each state get in congress under the articles
One way power is separated
How long did the delegates meet to design the new constitution?
A benefit of the article of confederation two
Followed states to count 3/5 of their slaves when Calcutry.
Where did the people that revised the articles meet
A leading federalist
Who could tax the the citizens under the articles of confederation
One option as to how the united states would be governed
How many people had to live in a territory before it became a state
A law that the governments must obey and respect the rights of citizens
Area lying north of the Ohio River
Included in the constitution which allows each branch to check the powers
States that like Virginia plan
How many articles were written
How branches of government did the Virginia plan call for
How many had to agree to a law before it passed
States that like New Jersey Plan
Another way power is separated
Were the articles of confederation weak or strong