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Chapter 1: Principles of cell biology

Towards or near the back or vertebral column of the animal
This type of diffusion enlists help from a carrier protein.
This stage of mitosis moves the chromatids towards the opposite poles of the cell.
Fluid has a lower osmotic pressure than plasma
Fluid with the same osmotic pressure as plasma
Site for Protein Synthesis
This type of mechanism is working against the concentration gradient, and requires energy (two words).
This mammalian order includes cows, sheep, and horses.
Structures that lie towards the side of the animal.
These include all the cells in the body except those involved in reproduction
This system is responsible for removing waste and toxic substances
Important mineral found in bone
Structures or part of the structure that lie away from the main mass of the body or origin.
This plane divides the body into equal left and right halves.
The movement of water through a semi-permeable membrane from a fluid of low concentration to one of a higher concentration.
Movement of liquid or gas molecules down a concentration gradient.
Closer to the center of the body
Where ATP is stored.
This system controls the body’s functions
Organisms that have a certain basic features in common they are grouped together into a_________.
Consists of one or more polypeptide chains.
Fluid has a higher osmotic pressure than plasma.
This system includes all the basic functional systems that do the general duties for the body.
The rear surface of the hind paw that bears the footpads
Substance that is composed of only one kind of atom.
These compounds are those that contain the element carbon
Information center of the cell