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Italian Renaissance

Expanded British harmony intervals; created word painting through his lyrics
Medici pope
Concept of linear perspective
Definition of renaissance
Donatello's statue of naked young man with slingshot and peasant hat
Created thin statue of Mary Magdalene
Sans instruments
Celebrated in Vittorio Carppachios Lion of St. Mark
Chapel with Michaelangelo's ceiling artwork
Joseph and _____; by de Rossi
Created The Gates of Paradise on the baptistry door
Florence's most influential family
Song with verse and refrain
Considered his art as poetry
Artist, engineer; The Last Supper
First woman known to establish herself as professional artist in Western world
Multivoiced musical composition usually based on religious verse and sung a capello
Michaelangelo's 13'5" nude statue with contraposto stance
Affected style, with distorted, elongated features
Location of da Vinci's most famous work
Using subtle shifts of light to dark to give perception of depth
Wrote The Life of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects
Greatest Medici to patronize arts
School of Athens
Saltcellar of Francis I
Story of physical journey with spiritual meaning
Leading Mannerist artist
Crowning work of Filipo Brunelleschi
Believes in worth and dignity of man
"He is king in everything but name."
Intentional blurring of outline of figure
Sonnet poet; sometimes called "father of humanity"
Architect and author