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Common Flowers

These flowers come in a variety of colors and patterns. They have 3 central petals, along with a 4th on top, usually with a different color or pattern. You’ll find these in hanging pots and planting boxes in big cities, they’re also very common for gardens. Common colors are purple and white, pink, yellow, and blue.
These flowers, yellow, have a large center with seeds surrounded by many small petals. They can grow twice the height of an average person, and they are often associated with happiness and summer.
This flower, usually purple with accents of yellow, has 4 small petals around the center and 2 more large petals on the top. The name of this flower is also the name of a dark shade of purple, and an uncommon girl’s name.
These white flowers droop downwards, one flower and 6 petals to a plant. As the name somewhat implies, these are some of the first to pop up when the snow melts in spring. Perhaps because of that, these flowers symbolise hope.
These flowers are small and low to the ground. They have large, yellow petals, and a common game involves holding one of these under somebody's chin, to see if they like butter. They represent mockery, immaturity and sarcasm.
These small flowers are often considered weeds, growing easily in grass almost anywhere. They have white petals, clustered together into a bulb shape. Sometimes they have accents of pink along with white.
These flowers, known for their fragrance when in full bloom, bloom for a short period in spring and then wither. The flowers are many and bunch together to create a large arrow shape. They grow on bushes and are a light purple. These flowers also share their name with a shade of purple.
These flowers are best known for the couple week period in the spring, in japan, when they bloom on trees and then fall off. The flowers are small and pink, growing in plenty on these trees.
These flowers grow along streets and tall grass, with wide clusters of white flowers. They often have a purple stamen in the center, otherwise easily mistaken for poison hemlock. These flowers are named after a Tudor dynasty monarchs from England. The flowers and roots are edible.
This flower has a long stem with several flowers that hang off, white, round and bell shaped. It blooms in spring and represents purity and humility (Lehner 120)
This plant is often seen climbing up old houses. It has large green leaves growing along a long, strong stem. The name is a somewhat unusual girl’s name and also the name of a dc villain.
These common flowers pop up in many front yards and along the sides of streets. They have arrow shaped clusters of petals, a light red. These are often considered weeds.
This flower, shaped like a horn, partially peeled down the side with large stamens coming from the center, comes in yellow, white, or sometimes red. It can also be used in medicine.
These flowers, which come in a range of colors from blue to pink and purple, have an iconic horn shape which opens at the top, and usually a white center fading into color.
These flowers have a yellow center, with many, usually purple petals surrounding the center.
This flower blooms in spring, and is most commonly yellow or yellow and white. It has a central, horn shaped petal, and about 5 other outstretching petals. It has come to represent easter, partially since that is when it best blooms, commonly in basic household gardens.
These flowers, usually orange, have large petals surrounding large stamens. They have spots and stripes, which give them their name.
This specific flower has 6 large petals and stamens, and the flower hangs sharply downward from its stem. This flower usually comes in white with bits of yellow, but sometimes it comes in pink. It is named for looking like the back of this forest animal.
Less often known as “calluna”, this plant is a low to the ground, bushy, shrub with many small flowers growing upwards in clusters. It comes in pink, purple, and white, blooming in midsummer and fall (Smithsonian 120). It represents beauty and protection, and its common name is also a somewhat common girl’s name(Lehner 118).
This flower has large, red petals, with a black center. They are associated with sleep. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy falls asleep in a field of these.
These spring flowers are commonly grown in front yards. They are a flower of Easter, since that is when they best bloom. They have large petals, closed into a bulb shape, and they come in many colors, like pink, yellow, and white.
This flower often grows in or near water. It has many large petals, which reach outward when blooming. It is pink, white, or often a white and pink gradient. It represents things like rebirth and truth.
This flower has 5 oval, curving petals, mostly white, but sometimes pink. It tastes sweet, but is deadly.
These flowers have many oval shaped petals that come together into a bulb shape. They come in a variety of colors, like pink, white, green and red. The most common association of these flowers is motherly love, as they are very often given on Mother's day.
This flower comes in red, pink, yellow, white and more, and is often associated with romance and valentines day. This flower is difficult to grow but is common to give as a gift.
These plants grow low to the ground, with large clusters of flowers, often purple, standing tall. The flowers are associated with sleep, and can be found in many sleep remedies and herbal teas.
These flowers, usually red, white, or pink, have a large, black center with round, large petals. These flowers also share their name with a rock flower found in the sea.
These flowers look odd from the side, but symmetrical from the top, They have 3 vertical petals and 3 drooping petals outside of those. These flowers are usually purple or blue, with accents of yellow or white.
These flowers, usually pink, but sometimes white, are large bulbs, the petals closely packed together in tight ruffles.