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Cell Reproduction

Less tightly coiled DNA-protein complex
Nuclear envelope reappears during
Rod shaped structures made of DNA and protein
Structure that holds two chromatids together until they separate during cell division
The replicated homologous chromosomes
The time between cell divisions
Is found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell
Division of the actual cell; including the cytoplasm and remaining organelles
Phase of the cell cycle that involves the division of the nucleus
The production of sperm cells
A full set of chromosomes
Emerge from the centrosomes during prophase
Vesicles from the golgi apparatus join together to form a
Tetrads line up the equator during
Disappears during prophase
Chromatids separate at the centromere and move toward opposite poles during
After replication has occurred, there are two copies of each homologous chromosome ; held together by a centromere
One strand that makes up a chromosome
During metaphase, chromosomes line up at the
Also known as sex cells
The production of egg cells
During Prophase 1, every duplicated chromosome lines up with its
Cell division in Prokaryotes is called
After interphase, cells divide
DNA is copied or duplicated during the
Chromatids twist around and over each other during