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Camp Champ 8Th Grade Prefixes

Eric : Eric
There are more babies than you know that are born __mature.
When you play sports, it is important that you eat a __game meal.
She had such a thick accent that she was often __understood.
Did you __view the notes for the test?
After my dad drives my car I have to __adjust the mirrors and the seat.
The speaker made a small __pronounciation while making their speech.
I __spelled a few words wrong in my daily journal, so the teacher told me to correct them.
It is __possible for whales to breath under water forever.
I had to __organize my backpack before coming back to Camp Champ.
You have to teach little kids to tie and __tie their shoes.
Some couples __affirm their wedding vows for a second time.
I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers __game show on television.
We learned about the __modern era in history class.
The directions said to __heat the oven before baking the cake.
I was taught to never __estimate my opponent.
Mr. Jones asked us to go shopping for food at the __market.
I rode my __cycle home from Camp Champ with my friends.
My parents bought a new __mobile.
The dog was __obedientso we sat outside
Light waves are __linear.
The new student was nervous being in an unfamiliar place.
If you __behave you will not be joining us on the field trips on fridays.
Many people __agree on politics.
I had to __gain my confidence in order to succeed.
I made sure to take the __test.
The entire Camp had to wear the __form.