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IntroPSY:Psychological Disorders

Puzzle Type: Educational
Type of schizophrenia with changing behaviour from agitated to still in a certain position
Involves loss of contact with reality
A positive symptom of schizophrenia
Persistent, recurring thoughts that cause distress
46% chance of developing this if both parents have it
Overly concerned about health; always thinks is sick
Feelings of importance or that have great knowledge or skills refers to delusions of _____
Someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder thinks he/she has __or more personalities living within him/herself
General uneasiness or feeling that something bad is going to happen
_____ disorder involves a long-term pattern of inflexible and maladaptive behaviour and relating to others
Major Depressive Disorder includes this feeling
A person might feel like a part of their body is paralyzed but there is no medical support of this
Manual that classifies mental disorder
Personality disorders are ___-term patterns of behaviour.