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French Verbs

To take
Vous: aller
To play
Vous: amener
Elles: boire
Je: etre
Nous: essayer
Past participle: venir
To build/construct
Ils: produire
Uses etre as helping verb
Nous: descendre
To attend
Past participle: faire
Vous: conduire
Je: aller
To become
To wait (for)
To climb/to go up
To make/to do
To learn
To stay
Tu: rendre
Past participle: promettre
Past participle: rendre
Ils: servir
Vous: partir
Nous: avoir
Il: sortir
Je: vendre
To understand
Je: sortir
Je: permettre
Vous: faire
Past participle: avoir
Past participle: prendre
To die
Past participle: choisir
Nous: dormir
To go
To watch
Past participle: sentir
To exit/to go out
Past participle: courir
Il: boire