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4th of July Patriots USA

Author: Salsa
Monarch. Founding Fathers said, "No __ but Jesus!"
Jesus-follower. Endeavor 2 live & act as becomes a __
Freedom. July 4 is __ Day
Prefix 4 "against." If U deny Jesus U have the spirit of __-Christ
Grow. England tried 2 __ its territories with US colonies
Throw a horseshoe
Straddle 4 a journey. __ a horse in a parade
Not off. Have a picnic __ the lawn
Virtuous. America is great b/c she is __. If America ceases 2B __, America will cease 2B great. Tocqueville
Neither __
On the 1st July 4th in Philadelphia, church __ were rung
Erudition. A man has deprived himself of the best there is in the world who has deprived himself of a __ of the Bible. W.Wilson
Despot. Colonists saw King George as a __
Witty anti-Communist Californian president #40
Central Intelligence Agency (ab)
Armed conflict. Revolutionary __ 4 independence
Hard, cold __ $
Informal. Picnic attire is __
Lawn. Play croquet on the __ (or tennis @ Wimbledon)
Yankee Ingenuity (ab)
Picnic soda
Midnight ride of Paul __ warned: British R coming!
Use this 2 slice watermelon
Won Wimbledon in 2008
Music performance. See a July 4 band __ in DC
Activate fireworks
Betrayal. If this be __, make the most of it! Patrick Henry
Country. US celebrates July 4 as birth of our __
Processions with marching bands & floats
Disregard. A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves lest... we __ to have our names in the Annals of Heaven. Madison
This government 4-the-people-by-the-people replaced British monarchy
1st. Early America had 13 __ colonies
July 4 parades incl. marching bands & __
Verses. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner __
Tomato picnic sauce
Alert. Kids stay __ 4 fireworks
Picnic pests
Atmosphere. Wave sparklers in __