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Declan Science Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Genetic Variation
A bright outer covering that is used to warn predators to keep away.
Group of organisms that can only reproduce with one another.
A period of inactivity and lowered body temperature that some animals undergo in winter to conserve energy when food supplies are low.
An animal's response to an external stimulus.
The way in which an organism or its parts function.
Intentional breeding of organisms for desired traits in offspring.
Period of inactivity during hot, dry summer months to conserve energy when food and water supplies are low.
To find their way from one place to another.
The process by which organisms with beneficial traits survive and reproduce causing the trait to become more common in a population over time.
A message traveling from one animal to another and the receiver of the message responds.
Does not depend on learning or experience but is influenced by genes.
Anything that affects the affects of an organism, organ, or tissue.
The variety of living things in a given area.
Characteristics that help an organism survive in certain environments; thus leading to increased chance of reproduction and survival of the species.
Natural ability of an organism to blend in with its surroundings.
To travel from one place to another.
Internal and external differences within a species as a result of inherited genes; advantage: increase chance of surviving environmental changes.
Group of the same species living in the same area.
A behavior that has been learned from experience or observation.
A plant's response to external stimulus