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7th Science: Section 5.1-5.2

Used broth and bacteria to experiment on spontaneous generation
The idea that is based on faith in God as creator of the universe
Claims that all life came from a single ancestor through macroevolution
An originally created type of organism
Similarity of structure
Living things arise from nonliving things
The development of all life from a common ancestor
Everything is material; nothing is spiritual
View of life that claims species descended from the same created ancestor with no variation between species
The most efficient method of information storage known to man
View of life that has originally created kinds with great potential for variation
Information must have meaning and cannot occur by chance
Change within a particular kind of organism caused by variations in the gene pool
Father of Anatomy
Known for his study in blood circulation
States that living things can only arise from living things
Science put to practical use
Sudden, permanent, random change in an organism's DNA
Used meat and flies to experiment on spontaneous generation