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Modern European History Final Exam Challenge

Said the French Revolution would become violent
Louis XIV style
French "old order"
Armed soviet workers
Radical French governing body
Powerful government
Haiti's old name
Closed European ports to British goods
Treaty taking Nova Scotia
French thinker
"Spirit of the Laws" author
Jacobin rivals
Economic philosophers
Top people of the Third Estate
Germans sank it
Grievance notebooks
Offended neutral in WW I
Replaced mercantilism
First used in Kant's book
What happened in Boston
French diplomat at the Congress of Vienna
Wrote "Social Contract"
Austrian-born queen
Acts regulating trade in the American colonies
Radical city workers
Catherine II's kingdom
Five-man ruling party
Plan to move around the French rear
Lutheran musician
The Kaiser's final home
Authored "Encyclopedia"
Site of first Revolutionary War action
Radical enlightened despot
"people are basically reasonable and moral"