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Science Terms

Use your SCIENCE BOOK to find the answers. 
Another word for breathing. It's the process of releasing energy from food molecules which takes place in the mitochondria of a cell (p. 60)
Animals with four feet. (p. 49)
This is a soft, bonelike material found often in-between or around bones. A great example is that weird squishy piece of something that hands off the bone after someone eats chicken on the bone!
Animals with two feed. (p.49)
These creatures have jointed legs, segmented bodies, and tough exoskeletons. (p.53)
When plants use the sun to make GLUCOSE (which is essentially plant food). (p. 37)
The production of more individuals of the same species (p.38)
An animal with a segmented backbone. (p.48)
A hard covering that protects an invertebrate's body. (p.52)
The largest group of arthropods with more than 1 MILLION species. (p. 52)
These are invertebrates that have exoskeletons.
Sebastian from the Little Mermaid is one of these. Shrimp and Lobsters are also examples of this type of arthropod and there are 50,000 species of these. (p.52)
These arthropods include spiders, ticks, and mites. (p. 52)
These animals have no backbone at all and make up more than 95% of all animals. (p. 53)
This is an inner skeleton used for protection and for movement and is made up of bone and cartilage. (p. 49)
A change in an organism that helps it survive and reproduce. (p. 70).