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Chapter 2-Newton's First Law (Inertia)

Newton's ____ Law of motion states that every object continues in a state of rest or of uniform speed in a straight line unless acted on by a nonzero net force.
The ___Force is the downward force on an object.
A ____quantity is a quantity which requires only a number and a unit with no direction indicated.
____ is a property of matter to resist changes in motion.
The _____ Rules states that the sum of forces acting on an object at rest is zero.
When an object rolls down a ramp it's speed_____.
A ______ is a push or a pull.
An object reaches its maximum speed at the _____of a ramp.
When an object rolls up a ramp it's speed______.
An object at rest is in _____equilibrium.
An object moving at a constant speed is in ______ equilibrium.
The support force and gravity forces are equal in_____ but opposite in direction.
_____planes were used to discover inertia.
The force of friction acts in the _____direction when you push an object.
____ asserted that objects of different weight fall to the ground at the same time in the absence of air resistance.
Classified motion as natural or violent.
The_____ force is the combination of all forces that act on an object.
A _____quantity is a quantity whose description requires both magnitude (how much) and direction (which way).
The____Force is an upward force on an object.