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Physical Science 12

These are caused by a slight difference in frequency
Sound travels fastest through a ____
This type of sound is used to see unborn babies
Nerve that carries impulses from ear to brain
(2words) these can be broken up with ultrasound
Part of a saddle, or a bone in the ear
Used to drive nails, and is a bone in the ear
The note you hear when a violin is played
Music has ____ and intentional patterns
Used to find objects on the sea bottom
Middle of the 3 ear bones
Frequencies produced along with the fundamental
A drum is a ___ instrument
Area of sound wave with molecules spread apart
These are used to measure sound intensity
The strength or intensity of a sound wave
This effect causes pitch to change due to motion
Area of sound wave with molecules close together
As the ___ goes up, the pitch goes up
The ____ of a sound makes a trumpet sound different from a violin
Coiled structure in inner ear
One of these can detect frequencies of 100,000
Uses Doppler Effect to measure the speed of a car