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Trees in the Bible

TUMC Trees Theme: Doreen
A tree with long sweeping branches that grows near water. (Ezekiel 17: 5)
The ark of the covenant was made of its wood. (Exodus 37:1-5)
The outside of the trunk of a tree is called this.
Has beautiful white, papery bark that peels
The world's largest tree, which grows in California. Some of these trees are so old they were already growing when Jesus was on Earth.
Canada's official tree
Produces fluffy seeds that float down like snow
A happy verse in the Bible says the trees of the field will do this. (Hint: We sometimes sing this verse in church!) (Isaiah 55:12)
An evergreen tree where storks make their nests. (Psalm 104: 17)
Zaccheus climbed up in one (Luke 19:4)
A tiny branch. (Ezekiel 17:22)
The part of a tree that is underground.
A tree or bush used to produce perfume. (Hint: it was one of the Wise Men's gifts to the baby Jesus.) (Song of Solomon 4:14)
The leaves of an evergreen tree.
The liquid that flows through a tree. From some trees, it can be boiled down to make syrup.
Nuts from this tree were part of a bunch of gifts given to Joseph in Egypt by his father. (Genesis 43:11)
A citrus tree that produces fruit that we like to eat whole or as juice.
Revelations describes a "tree of life" whose leaves are for the "________ of the nations" (Revelations 22:2)
An evergreen tree that played an important part in David's battle with the Philistines. (2 Samuel 5:22-25)
Sometimes called a "quaking" _____ (Hint: It's the name of a cabin at Silver Lake)
A place where trees grow in large numbers without being planted by humans.
A tree with beautiful, very dark wood that the Rhodians traded to the people of Tyre (along with ivory). (Ezekiel 27:15)
What good, healthy trees give us. (Matthew 7:17)
Abraham set up his tent in Hebron in a famous grove of these trees, where he created an altar to the Lord. (Genesis 13:18)
A blind man healed by Jesus said at first that people looked like trees doing this. (Mark 8:24)
The dove brought back to Noah's Ark a freshly plucked branch from this tree. (Genesis 8:11)
Trees that often grow by a desert oasis. (Numbers 33:9)
The usual colour of trees.
A very tall tree named for the ruby colour of its wood.
A very large shrub that grows from a tiny seed, mentioned by Jesus in a parable. (Mark 4: 30-32)
A tree that produces small, sweet, dark red fruit with a single pit.
Tall tree shaped like a column. Jacob used them in raising his sheep. (First one mentioned in Genesis 30:37)
A tree that produces beautiful red fruit with edible ruby-red seeds and juice. (Song of Solomon 6:11)
A time of year when we bring trees into the house.
Jesus says, he is the vine and we are this. (John 15:5)
The central part of a tree.
Jesus said, "__ you love me, you will keep my commandments." (John 14:15)
Noah's Ark was made of its wood (Genesis 6:14)
The green parts of a tree that usually come out in spring and drop off in fall.
A tree that produces a delicious nut. (Jeremiah 1:-11-12)
A tree that offers shade and sweet fruit. (Song of Solomon 2:3)
A good reason to sit under a tree on a hot sunny day is that it provides this. (Jonah 4:6)
Solomon used the wood from this tree, which grew in faraway Lebanon, to build the Temple. (1 Kings 5:5-7)
An evergreen with a Christmasy smell. The great seagoing people of Tyre made their ship's decks from its wood. (Ezekiel 27:6)
Jesus was unhappy when he saw one of these with no fruit on it. (Matthew 21:19)