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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
For evidence to be admissible, the ______ of custody must be proven
There is much debate about whether the death penalty is _______ and unusual punishment
The reason a person commits a crime
Type of possession when a person possesses an illegal item unawares
The state establishes that a crime has taken place by a showing of ______ delicti beyond a reasonable doubt
A confession is not admissible unless it was _______
Under Terry v. Ohio, a police officer can _____ and frisk a suspect.
Every defendant has the right to one _______ after convicted of a crime.
Evidence based on first-hand knowledge such as eyewitness testimony
If a judge finds sufficient evidence to hold the defendant to answer for the crime charged, the judge will _____ the defendant over for trial
A wrong against society
The location where a case is heard
Circumstances allowing a police officer to enter a residence without a warrant.
A participant in a criminal conspiracy which results in a death can be charged with ______ murder
A defendant can give up his right to remain silent when the prosecutor agrees to give the defendant either use or transactional _________.
The unlawful killing of a human being with malice
At a preliminary hearing, the prosecutor has the burden to establish ______ cause for the arrest
At arraignment, the defendant is expected to enter a ______.
Manslaughter is a lesser _______ of murder
The type of jury which decides the verdict following a trial.