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Ancient Greece Vocabulary Review

A traditional story that may have gods or goddesses
Roman Goddess of Wild Things
Roman Goddess of the Hearth and Home
Greek God of the Sea
Greek Messenger to Mortals
Greek God of Fire
Greek Goddess of Love
Roman God of the Underworld
A government controlled by a few wealthy people
Roman God of the Sea
Lives forever
Greek Goddess of Wild Things
Greek Archer God and God of Healing
Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Home
Roman Goddess of Love
An unverifiable story
Roman God of Fire
Greek Protector of Marriage
Roman God of War
Greek God of the Underworld
Greek God of War
Strongest Greek God
Roman Messenger to Mortals
Roman Archer God and God of Healing
Lots of people doing something
To take something
Strongest Roman God
Weather over a long period of time
Limited lifetime
Large group
Roman Protector of Marriage
Roman Goddess of Reason, Wisdom, and Putity
Large area
Greek Goddess of Reason, Wisdom, and Purity