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Climate Change Crossword

A large fire that spreads quickly over woodland
A mechanism that removes CO2 from air
Strong greenhouse gas (104 times greater than CO2)
Average weather conditions over long periods of time
A greenhouse gas that traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere
Period of time with abnormally low precipitation
Non-renewable resources
The outer part of Earth (crust and upper mantle)
Radiation from the atmosphere warms Earth’s surface
A representation of a location’s basic climate
Sphere occupied by living organisms
Ground that has been completely frozen for over 2 years
Greenhouse gas emissions caused by a person
Fallen snow that has been compressed into large, thickened ice masses
Increased temperatures, greenhouse effect, high levels of CO2 and CFC
A gas that absorbs infrared radiation
A long period of hot weather
Gases surrounding Earth/planets
All water on Earth’s surface
The environmental conditions (temperature / precipitation) at a specific place or time