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Week of 01/26/20

Next Full Moon
Pagan holidays are known as
When the Moon makes no more major aspects before leaving a sign
Chariot, 6 of Wands
The Fool and an Aries have it in common
Mercury's next stop
Dachsund nickname
The study of the movements of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world
Wednesday, 29th
Divine ------ Tarot
New Moon just passed
How love should be
Retrogrades every 2 years
Follows the Page
Astrological aspect of two celestial bodies 120° apart
The Swords card famous for showing up at New and Full Moons
Venus will retrograde in this sign in 2020
Weighs everything before proceeding
One of the 4 suits
Second printing coming soon!
Planet of transformation
Current Oracle deck - Heal --------
The most-feared card
Cullinane's first deck
In the driver seat
9 of Cups
2020 will have 6 of these, rather than the usual 4
A podcast provider
Low Rider
Scottish artist, Anita
Year of the
Relating to metaphysics
Tarot by
My videos can be found there
A 78 Tarot deck
New on the blog, listing astrological events
You can now watch my daily video here
Learn to trust yours
Knight of Cups
Good luck
Retrogrades first in 2020
Another name used for a Page
Next solar event of the year (seasonal)
Venus' next stop
Temperance, Justice, 6 of Pentacles
Period of time before and after a retrograde
Red Planet
She sits atop one in Strength