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Constitution Part 2

Amendment 4: There must be _____ cause to get a warrant.
Amendment 3: Gov. can't ______ to keep soldiers.
Divided power to avoid tyranny.
There are ____ to what the gov. can & cannot do.
Division/shared power between state and national gov.
Group who opposed the Constitution.
Amendment 7: Right to a ____ trial.
Once found not guilty: Double __
The Constitution has been ____ 27 times over the past 200 years.
Amendment 8: Chopping off one's hand would be cruel & unusual _______.
System of gov. where branches have some power & ____ over the other.
Amendment 2: Right to bear ___.
People rule through elections: Popular _______.
In order for amendment to be ratified, 3/4 vote from this legislation.
Even _____ have to follow the law.
Amendment 4: No warrant is needed if there is a bomb threat in this situation.
Amendment 1 freedoms: religion, speech, press, assembly & ______.
Amendment 6: Person who assists you on trial.
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights.
You must be informed of the _____ against you.