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Crossword (all Bible refs from NIV!)

Tentmaker from Tarsus (4)
Reaction of Jesus to lack of faith in Nazareth (Mk 6.6) (6)
Voted a lion (anag.) - relating to religious observance (10)
One of two things not done by lilies (Lk 12.27) (4)
Baptist and Gospel writer (4)
Bad way to look at your neighbour's ox (Ex. 20.17) (10)
Gideon's way to seek God's purpose (Judg. 6.36-40) (6)
What you (used to) sit on in Church (4)
All glory, ---- and honour (STF262) (4)
Number of disciples present for the Great Commission (Mt. 28.12) (6)
One of the 2 (Acts 1.13) (11)
Circle of light (4)
In vain the first-born ------ tries (STF345) (6)
What the Devil does (1 Pet. 5.8) (6)
Son of Jacob by Rachel (Gen. 30.24) (6)
Born of the one light ---- saw play (STF136) (4)
God's name in Hebrew - why H? (anag.) (4)