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Cell Cycle and Mitosis

This stage is where DNA is copied.
Is one long continuous thread of DNA
Cell carries out its normal functions.
Gap One, Synthesis and Gap Two takes place during this time.
Is the regular pattern of growth
Is the division of the cell nucleus
Is group of proteins.
The chromosomes align along the cell equator
Sister chromatids separate from each other.
One half of a duplicated chromosome is called a _____.
A complete set of identical chromsomes is positioned at each pole of the cell.
Is the process that divides the cell cytoplasm.
This is the stage where there is a check point using enzymes.
Sister chromatids are held together at the _____.
The ends of DNA molecules form structures called ______.
Chromatin condenses into tightly coiled chromosomes.
The complex of protein and DNA that makes up the chromosomes.