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First Female African American Poet

Who was her husband?
What famous president wrote her a letter & invited her to visit him?
Which poems were mostly lost?
Who signed to validate her works?
Who was she a personal slave to
Where was she born?
Where were her works published?
What was the name of her slave ship?
What was the name of her first child?
Where did she DIE?
Who disapproved of her marriage?
How old was she when she wrote her first poem?
How old was she DIED?
What was the name of the first African American female poet?
Where did the Wheatly's send her at the age of twenty?
What type of store did her husband own?
Where did she live when was she enslaved?
What did she leave to do to support herself?
Where did she live at the end of her life?
How old was she when she was enslaved?