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Constitutional Law I [Weeks 1-3]

It is okay for Taylor's [a Medicaid recipient] OBGYN to file a suit as a third party on her behalf [in a health matter] because: [1] they have a special relationship; [2] he has a vested [likely financial] interest; [3] Taylor is not likely to file a suit on her own; and [4] "he be all up in her _____"
This is a method of interpreting the constitution based on how it was written at the time it was written
The president can _______laws
Emmely cannot bring a case on behalf of Jada because there is a prohibition against
This doctrine places parameters on what cases the judiciary can hear. It has 5 requirements
Article II bans
Article III section 2 of the constitution gives the supreme court the ability to review cases and _________
The constitution gives _______ the ability to make exceptions to the court's appellate power
Simply being a taxpayer does not give a person grounds to file a suit. This is called a
In order for a case to have standing, there must be an injury, causation, and
An exception to mootness is a ______ _______ suit
If a statute has not yet gone into effect then a case claiming an injury is likely to be dismissed because it does not have
Political gerrymandering raises a non-justiciable
The supreme court is the final ____ in interpreting the constitution
This can be economical, spiritual, or aesthetic