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Washington & Lincoln

Eleven southern states decided to __ from the U.S.
What we call Lincoln. 2 words
Where Lincoln was born.
We honor these men with __. 2 words
How long the Civil War lasted. 2 words
What we call Washington. 4 words
Washingtons rank in the Revolutionary War.
Washington was an __ for later presidents.
Who Washington fought for in the French and Indian War.
Southern states formed their own __.
Washington would not serve a __ term as president.
What Lincoln did by candlelight.
Result of the south leaving the Union. 2 words
Speech honoring soldiers who died there. 2 words
Washington was the __ president
Lincoln was the __ president.
Where Constitutional Convention was held.
Where Washington was born.
Birth month for both Washington and Lincoln.
Washington was a popular __. 2 words
What issue divided the country in 1860.
How Washington felt about British rule of the colonies.