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Matching Law and Delay-Discounting

A delay to reinforcement when the organism switches responding (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
The idea that an organism will shift to an alternative with a better reinforcer/response ratio (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
A decrease in the subjective value of a reinforcer as the time to attainment increases (Vanderveldt, Oliveira, & Green, 2016).
An Sd is more effective as a reinforcer if it signals a decrease in time to a positive reinforcer or aversive punishment (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
An organism choosing an alternative that results in less reinforcement than the other option (Zentall, Case, & Berry, 2016).
Percentage of responding on one choice will equal the percentage of reinforcers delivered by that choice (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
Alternatives that an individual chooses about equally often (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
Discounting small, delayed rewards more steeply than larger, delayed rewards (Vanderveldt, Oliveira, & Green, 2016).
Frequent switching between alternatives by the organism (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).
When the organisms choice proportions are more extreme than the reinforcement proportions (Mazur & Fantino, 2014).