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Women in Art

Explores environmentalism and recycling in sculptures.
First European woman to succeed as a professional artist
Where Munter studied at progressive art school
Sigler medical condition
Best known for images of food
Peeters baptised in ____________.
Mother encouraged her to write poetry and draw
Van Vliet awarded fellowship from this foundation
Alma Thomas moved to D.C. to escape this.
Jennifer Bartlett's 1975-76 work.
No of children Lilly Spencer gave birth to
Originally planned a career in medicine
Frida Baranek home country
Earned an M.F.A. at Catholic University
Brownscombes ancesters arrived by ____________
Indian Ancestors of Georgia Mills Jessup
Much of her work focused on women's eperiences
"I live with these things around me. There are a lot of _____________ leftovers, and I thought I could do something with them."
Offered art classes to children from poor neighborhoods in Washington D.C.
Painted on steel plates
Husband of Frieda Kahlo
Drew charcoal murals on walls of childhood home
Publishes books