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Law, Ethics, Professionalism

Introduction to Healthcare - SCI 101

Primary responsibility of every healthcare worker.
Legal proceeding in court.
Fundamental rights of all people.
Giving a patient a medication without their permission.
Written statements that harm a person's reputation.
An organization that provides accreditation to hospitals.
Standards of conduct based on moral judgement.
Unable to make own medical decisions.
Basic rights held by citizens.
Threat or attempt to touch a patient without the patient's permission.
The ability to perform specific functions accurately and in a timely manner.
Laws that are enacted by federal, state and local legislators and enforced by the court system.
Law enabling one to give emergency medical care without fear of being sued.
Act of giving permission for treatment after receiving information.
Protection of medical information.
Wrongful act that results in harm for which restitution must be made.
Verbal statements that harm a person's reputation.
Form of advance care directive.
Guidelines that help determine right or wrong behaviors in health care.
Basis for informed consent.