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Earth Science

by Jalyn Usher
Large areas of earth defined by climate adn the organisms that live there.
The lineof longitude at 0 degrees.
Located between the stratophere an the thermosphere.
Rocks formed by crystallization of sediment.
Rocks fromed when molten rock cools adn solidifies.
When two plates slide past each other horizontally.
When two platesmove together.
Prevents ulltraviolet light from hitting earth's surface.
Layers of gases surrounding earth that are subject to earth's gravitational force.
How resistant the mineral is to being scratched.
Are basic building blocks of all matter.
All liquid water on earth's surface.
Body of air with a specific temperature and humitdity level.
Occurs when earth's plates move.
A solid, naturally substance with specific chemical composition and crystalline structure.
When two tectonic plates move away from each other.
When different air masses collide.
Determines earth's history by examining bodies of rock.
Map that show rock formations at or near earth's surface.
Run north and south. Measured east or west of theprime meridian.
The way the mineral reflects light.
Formed when the chemical composition oa a rock changes due to heat and pressure.
Map that show the shape of earth's surface.
Cracks in earth's crust through which magma, ash, and gases erupt.
The outer most layer of earth's atmosphere.
Mixtures of rock pieces, air, water, organic matter, and living things.