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The force of attraction between all bodies, things, in the universe.
An educated guess about how things work.
Created by the refraction of sunlight by water droplets in the atmosphere.
Natural electricity
Form of energy that is transferred by pressure waves in the air or though other materials.
Scientists that study fossils.
A source of heat warms up a liquid or gas due to movements of currents.
When two things rub together.
Main natural source of light.
The study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations.
Any object that attracts metals to itself.
Made up of electrons, neutrons and protons.
Plants that produces their own food and oxygen by sunlight.
Transfer of energy from one molecule to the next molecule.
Image seen in a mirror or shiny object.
A substance that is like air and has no fixed shape.
Measured with a thermometer.
Anything that has shape of its own and occupies space or has volume.
The force that causes rotation.
The distance of an object in a particular time.