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Cell Structure and Function

The pigment in chloroplasts that absorbs energy in sunlight.
The organelle that makes proteins by putting together chains of amino acids.
A system of membranes near the nucleus that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins.
A network of protein filaments that gives shape and support to cells.
An organelle that contains digestive enzymes which break down worn-out or damaged organelles, waste materials, and foreign invaders in an animal cell.
The membrane-bound organelle that packages and distributes materials such as proteins.
A part of a plant cell that is rigid, gives the cell support, and surrounds the cell membrane.
An organelle in eukaryotic cells that contains the cell['s genetic material.
Organelles in plant cells where photosynthesis occurs
A type of cell that has membrane bound organelles.
An organelle in cells where respiration occurs and energy is released from food.
A fluid-filled vesicle found in plant cells that holds water and gives the cell support.